TANGSHAN TIANMING STEEL CO.,LTD. affiliated to Tangshan Tianming Logistics Co., Ltd., was founded in 2003 and located in China iron and steel resource base - Tangshan.

Over ten years, under the correct guidance of Tianming Group leadership,we consider the development as the priority, adhering to the concept of "advancing with the times, cast time-honored time" ,actively carry out structural adjustment and transform the economic growth pattern. The group economy have a steady, sustained and rapid development, developed from a traditional single steel production and trade enterprises in the past to a large-scale comprehensive industrial group with modern service industry chain and based on Tangshan Tianming Real Estate - Tangshan Road Port. It is a leading enterprise in key service industries of Hebei Province.

In the steel supply chain operation field, the company will strive to be China's leading steel supply chain operator with strong international competitiveness, and in the real estate development field, the company will strive to be China's top real estate operator, to build a business that employees love, shareholders trust, customer satisfy and people respect.

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